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Virtual Security Officer Services

The management of security and privacy initiatives require an individual competent in best practices and regulations governing security and privacy. This responsibility is typically assigned to the Chief Information Security and Privacy Officer (CISO/CPO) who to be successful requires a proven track record of competency in risk management, security, privacy, and regulatory compliance. This individual must build consensus between business and technology and ensure that security and privacy are foundational to the ongoing operations and success of your organization.

Virtual CISO/CPO Services

Many organizations do not have a full-time CISO/CPO and may need assistance with the management of security and privacy initiatives on an interim or full time basis. Virtual CISO/CPO services are often acquired as needed to ensure that security and privacy objectives are met. A virtual CISO/CPO is an expert, available as needed, to assist with an organization’s security and privacy needs that can be delivered onsite and/or remotely.

Virtual CISO/CPO Responsibilities

A virtual CISO/CPO may be assigned many responsibilities such as:

  • Develop, implement and monitor a strategic, comprehensive information security program inclusive of policies, procedures, processes, and tools to ensure appropriate levels of confidentiality, integrity, availability, privacy, and recovery of information assets owned, controlled or/and processed by an organization

  • Utilize existing industry standards such as NIST Common Security Framework (CSF) to facilitate an information security governance structure and lead the Information Security steering committee

  • Facilitate both internal and external information security risk assessments and risk management processes for PCI, SOC 2, GDPR, and state regulated compliance and thirdparty risk management

  • Fulfill the position and tasks of the Data Protection Officer as defined in Articles 38 and 39 of GDPR

  • Champion education on security strategy and technology throughout the organization

  • Design and ensure the consistent application of policies and standards across all technology projects, systems, and services, including privacy, risk management, compliance, and business continuity management

  • Provide oversight for contractual commitments related to security and privacy in conjunction with legal

  • Provide regular reporting on the current status of the Information Security Program to business leadership

  • Monitor the external threat environment for emerging threats, and advise relevant stakeholders on the appropriate courses of action

  • Develop and oversee effective disaster recovery policies and standards

  • Coordinate the development of implementation of incident response plans and procedures to ensure that business-critical services are recovered in the event of a security event; provide direction, support and in-house consulting in these areas

  • Oversee the management of information security incidents and events to protect corporate IT assets, intellectual property, regulated data, and the company's reputation

Unmitigated Security and Privacy Risks

The impact of unmitigated security and privacy risks can have a negative impact to your organization, affect your reputation and even have legal and financial implications. A virtual CISO/CPO can guide your organization as well as design and implement policies, procedures, processes, and controls needed to effectively manage security and privacy risks. A virtual CISO/CPO can jumpstart your security and privacy initiatives and train employees on security and privacy concepts and practices.

Regulatory Compliance

MyCyber Advisors provides virtual CISO/CPO Services to satisfy both interim and full-time needs. Our 20+ years’ experience provides us the expertise in security, privacy, and related regulations to ensure that security and privacy risks are addressed and compliance requirements are met. Our industry and regulatory compliance exposure is both comprehensive and diverse.

Compliance Risk

The use of a virtual CISO/CPO can have immediate benefits. On an as-needed basis MyCyber Advisors can work with organization to ensure that your information security management system is current, meets regulatory requirements, and is formally documented. Our virtual CIS0/CPO Services meet governance and oversight responsibilities by assigning accountability for the management of security, privacy, and compliance risk.