• Understand, Identify,
    and Manage Cybersecurity Risk!
  • Become Compliant with
    Industry Regulations!
  • Manage Cybersecurity
    Supply Chain Risk!
  • Enforce Accountability
    through Knowledge Transfer!

Virtual CSO/CPO Services

The impact of unmitigated cybersecurity and regulatory compliance risks can have a strategic, reputational, financial, and legal impact to your organization. Cybersecurity risk is an enterprise-wide issue that must be addressed through a formal program and oversight by a security expert.

  • Is your organization actively managing cybersecurity and regulatory compliance risk?
  • Does your organization have sufficient knowledgeable resources with clearly defined roles and responsibilities that assign accountability to identify, access, and manage cybersecurity and compliance risk?
  • Has your organization identified key risk indicators (KRIs) and are you monitoring them?
  • Does your organization have an expert who can effectively communicate the state of cybersecurity to executive management and the board?

MyCyber Advisors provides virtual Chief Security/Privacy Officer CSO/CPO resources to satisfy both interim and full-time needs. We have the expertise in cybersecurity and regulatory compliance best practices and regulations required to develop and sustain your organization’s cybersecurity framework and information security management system.

Our virtual CSO/CPO Services:

  • Assist in the design, implementation, and maintenance of an Information Security Program that includes the policies, procedures, processes, and controls to meet your organization’s operational, security, and regulatory compliance objectives
  • Manage IT initiatives scheduled for implementation
  • Participate in steering committees and board meetings
  • Host regular phone calls, status reports, and on-site visits
  • Provide employee training and mentoring on IT security regulations, best practices, and frameworks
  • Ensure resilience through optional periodic monitoring and tracking of metrics

MyCyber Advisor Virtual CSO/CPO Benefits

  • Work with a security expert to gain valuable insight on the cyber risk landscape and changing regulatory environment
  • Ensure that your Information Security Program is current, meets regulatory requirements, and is formally documented
  • Meet governance and oversight responsibilities by assigning accountability for the management of cybersecurity and compliance risk

To learn more about our virtual CSO and CPO services, reach out and speak to a MyCyber Advisor expert today!