• Understand, Identify,
    and Manage Cybersecurity Risk!
  • Become Compliant with
    Industry Regulations!
  • Manage Cybersecurity
    Supply Chain Risk!
  • Enforce Accountability
    through Knowledge Transfer!

Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity management and resilience require an understanding of cybersecurity threats. Cybersecurity literacy is needed to fully to govern, manage, and monitor cyber security risks.

  • Does your organization have sufficient training programs in place to educate employees on cybersecurity risk?
  • Have you defined and communicated cybersecurity threats posed by insiders and third-party service providers?
  • Does your organization know how to report a cybersecurity incident?
  • Are you concerned with the unauthorized disclosure of consumer data?

It has been proven that educating an organization’s workforce on cybersecurity is the first step to proactively mitigating cybersecurity risk. MyCyber Advisors provides periodic cybersecurity awareness training to help your workforce understand how to respond to threats and comply with organization cybersecurity policies and procedures.

Our Security Awareness Training services:

  • Include customized cybersecurity training programs that address unique industry, workforce, and cultural needs
  • Provide training content that is audience-specific and written by security expert
  • Address the unique requirements of specific regulations, i.e. HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, FISMA, PCI DSS.
  • Are delivered on-site or through live and recorded on-line webinars

MyCyber Advisor Cybersecurity Awareness Training Benefits

  • Enforce accountability through knowledge empowerment
  • Provide customized content to fit audience needs
  • Ensure that your workforce is cyber literate

To learn more about our Security Awareness Training services reach out and speak to a MyCyber Advisor expert today!