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Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan (DR/BCP)

A documented Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan (DRP/BCP) is critical for the organized recovery of operations affected by an unseen event or disaster. Critical infrastructure, systems, data, people, and processes needed to recover and restore operations must be addressed in the DRP/BCP. Disruptions caused by cyber events should be included in the DR/BCP as well as suppliers providing DR/BCP services.

  • Does your organization have a documented DR/BCP that addresses both internal and external operations outsourced to suppliers?
  • Have you defined a cybersecurity incident or attack as a type of disaster?
  • Is your organization’s current testing approach integrated with suppliers providing DR/BCP and other critical services?
  • Are your organization’s critical suppliers transparent about DR/BCP testing activities, results, and remediation action plans?

We can design and implement a DR/BCP to ensure that your organization can recover and resume normal operations in a timely manner. Our design services are aligned with DR/BCP best practices and guidance governing the availability and continuity of operations.

Our DR/BCP Services:

  • Address multiple disaster threats including those by pandemic flu and cyber attack
  • Define business impact analysis (BIA) metrics for recovery point objectives (RPO), recovery time objectives (RTO) objectives, and maximum allowable downtime (MAD)
  • Identify strategies in place to mitigate disaster threats
  • Consider different DR/BCP testing approaches based your organization’ business model
  • Provide several mock scenarios that can be used to test the DR/BCP
  • Provide independent feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the DR/BCP identified during testing

MyCyber Advisor Cybersecurity DR/BCP Benefits

  • Work with a DR/BCP expert to gain valuable insight on DR/BCP best practices and regulations
  • Ensure that your DR/BCP is current, meets regulatory requirements, and addresses processes to ensure the timely recovery of systems and operations
  • Test your DR/BCP to determine whether it is effective
  • Respond to disaster faster meeting systems and operations availability metrics.

To learn more about our DR/BCP services reach out and speak to a MyCyber Advisor expert today!