• Understand, Identify,
    and Manage Cybersecurity Risk!
  • Become Compliant with
    Industry Regulations!
  • Manage Cybersecurity
    Supply Chain Risk!
  • Enforce Accountability
    through Knowledge Transfer!

Advisory Services

The increasing complexity of technology coupled with new and continuous cybersecurity threats consumes valuable time and resources. The cybersecurity expertise required to manage cybersecurity risks can be limited for many organizations. MyCyber Advisors is here to help you understand, identify, and manage cybersecurity risk through our cybersecurity advisory services.

Virtual CSO/CPO

Gain valuable insight on the cyber risk landscape and changing regulatory environment and ensure that your Cyber Security Program is current, meets regulatory requirements, and is formally documented. Fulfill your governance oversight responsibilities by assigning accountability for the management of cybersecurity and compliance risk to us.

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Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management

Manage cybersecurity supply chain risk and ensure that your Cybersecurity Supply Chain Risk Management Program is current, meets regulatory requirements, and addresses processes for supplier identification, categorization, initial due diligence, and periodic monitoring.

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Cybersecurity Program

Ensure cyber resilience through a Cybersecurity Program that requires the consistent performance of standardized policies, procedures, processes and periodic assessments. Measure Program effectiveness through a defined cyber risk appetite and metrics.

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Cyber Incident Resilience

Respond to cybersecurity incidents through an Incident Response Plan (IRP) that defines processes for incident preparation, detection and analysis, containment, eradication and recovery, and post incident activity. Test the plan periodically for cyber resiliency effectiveness.

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Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan (DR/BCP)

Recover from a disaster and resume normal operations efficiently by following the procedures defined in your DR/BCP. Ensure that the Plan addresses the critical infrastructure, systems, data, people, and processes needed to recover. Test the Plan periodically for effectiveness.

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Remediate issues noted by regulators, internal and external auditors, and third-party consultants in accordance with implementation deadlines. Take comfort in knowing that issues will be responded to, documented, and tracked for resolution in a timely manner.

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Security Awareness Training

Become cyber literate and enforce accountability through knowledge transferred during security awareness training. Learn from training content customized to fit your audience, industry, and cultural needs.

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